What They’re All About

01  Who

Hope Through Him is currently serving in three communities all the time. It is really important to us to be present with the same people creating lasting relationships.

04  Where

Our teams stay in our home and eat every meal here with us. The food is good, the house is safe, the air conditioning is cold, and the showers are hot!

02  What

A normal team will do VBS, light construction, women’s bible study, and a lot of relationship building.

05  How

Relationships. Our entire ministry revolves around relationship building. Our trips allow different people to connect to people we serve which in turn connects them to our ministry.

03 When

We have 8-10 trips set each year, but if you do not see a date that works, we can help you plan a trip that fits your group’s dates!

These relationships continue to build which allows us to get in their houses and talk to them about Jesus. Relationship building can look like playing soccer, painting nails, or talking through one of our translators. The language barrier is NOT a problem on our trips, we have translators with you at all times!


2018 Available Dates:

J U N E  8  –  J U N E  1 4

J U L Y  13  –  J U L Y   1 9

J U L Y  2 6  –  A U G U S T  1

A U G U S T  3  –  A U G U S T  9


Quick Steps:

1. Find your date
2. Send your $150 deposit in by clicking the DONATE button above
3. Book your airfare-we suggest Delta or United contact us for help on this
4. Pay the remaining $450 a month before the trip