Find A Need And Fill It!

That’s the anthem of Dream Centers all over the world and the same is true at here at El Progreso Dream Center!


Two years ago, we began laying the foundation for what would become El Progreso Dream Center when we started “La Mesa”, our bi-weekly sit-down meal targeting prostitutes, homeless and addicts in the city. Two years later God has opened the door for El Progreso Dream Center to expand into an 8500 square foot facility with large spaces, office spaces, meeting rooms, showers, Café and even an outdoor area for sports.

Building A Community

Falling back on the basic “find a need and fill it” philosophy, we use the fact that over 62% of Honduras live on less than $2 per day we will begin teaching artesian craft skills such as leather work, wood work, jewelry making and sewing handbags. Those classes will not only give them a skill to make items which we will purchase but will include devotions each week that lead into deeper bible study. Through these Life groups the goal is that the leader will develop a deep connection with 2 – 3 in the group and begin meeting other times during the week, at the Café in a “D-Group” setting.

The Coffee Shop

This the model El Progreso Dream Center will follow, selling “almost free” coffee ($.05) to those that we serve from the streets, while providing a state of the art facility as good or better than any high-end coffee shop in the city, and there are some nice ones. There should never be “good enough” attitude when serving any community, the one we serve included. The facility will also have rooms for small group meetings, a conference room for the public to use along with 3 shower rooms for those who don’t have regular access to shower facilities. There are rooms upstairs in the facility where we will begin a “Life Groups” ministry but just a little different. Because we know that many of our “community” just aren’t ready to come to the Dream Center on Thursday night to study the book of James, we have to find other ways to get them into the life groups.

We Saved You A Seat At The Table

We believe this was the model Jesus used in ministry. Think about it, Jesus had 120, 70, 12 then 3 that he was very close and intentional with. That’s the same model for El Progreso Dream Center, 150 at La Mesa, smaller at the Café, 10-12 in Lifegroup and 2-3 in D-Group. If it worked for Jesus, we think it will work in Honduras!

Along with La Mesa, Dream Center Café and the groups, we also host a monthly medical clinic, Super Sabadazo – our monthly kids party downtown, and our new Sports ministry Dream Center Eagles soccer program for street kids. There are so many opportunities, all with the goal of building relationships, show value and share Jesus.

The table is set, we just need you to come along side, partner with us, and walk this road with us.