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Wallace Students

July 3, 2018
The Wallace Students Team arrived yesterday and hit the ground running. We spent some time out in June 22 and for several it is there first time here serving with us and even first time out of the country. It was so awesome seeing their excitement and willingness to serve. We spent the evening preparing for the rest of the week. We have a lot on the agenda for the week, it’s going to be packed full and we can’t wait to serve with this team!   Saturday we had a family carnival in June 22 and did it with the World Cup Theme. We had them decorate flags for their assigned country and compete all day against other countries (families) to see who would be the World Cup Winner. It was so much fun watching the families play together (we could for sure see where our kiddos get their competitiveness!). We loved watching the kids as they watched their parents laughing and having a great time. This was for sure a day all of us will remember for a long time!   Yesterday was a tour of the banana plantation and getting to serve and pray with the employees there. The rest of the day we hung out in the Hope Center doing VBS and playing with the kids. We are off to the market in San Pedro and then back for La Mesa this evening!

Wallace Memorial Baptist Church

July 3, 2018

The team from Wallace Memorial Baptist Church did a great job today with their bible lesson. We continued on with our study on the Armor of God and this group taught on the “Breastplate of Righteousness” It was a pretty warm day so the game at the end with the water balloons was a hit too!


Full day in Campo Llano yesterday with the feeding program, VBS, hanging out in the Hope Center playing games and puzzles with the kids and then took some time to cool off from the heat at a local coffee shop!


Yesterday the team from Wallace College was able to help us with our monthly Super Sabadazo kids party downtown and share their bible lesson on the breastplate of Righteousness. We then spent the afternoon at the Dream Center finishing up some painting.


The BEST DAY EVER!!! It was SO much fun celebrating the anniversary of JUNE 22 with the community! We were able to address the community and talk about how much they mean to us, how much we see God working there, we enjoyed a lunch with them and cake too! They challenged the girls to a soccer match Gringas vs Hondurans and for the first time in 3 yrs the Gringas won!! (we may have had some help!, but Clare did score the first goal of her career!!) It was so awesome getting to see all the families and spend time with them in such a relaxed way and see them getting to enjoy their kids!


What a Team!! We are always so glad to serve with the WallaceKnox Teams! They make the week so easy and are such a blessing to be around! Thankful for all of them and their servant hearts! One day to rest and we bring on their Student Team. We miss you guys already!


Hello from El Progresso! 004

July 3, 2018

Really cool how these boys have come together in a short while. A long way to go from street kid to young men of character but we are well on our way. These guys, Alexis Jaenz, David Quin & Luis Peña are doing amazing things with a tough group of boys. If you would like to be involved in an awesome program that is changing young mens lives, message us, we will plug you in!!


Second Baptist and Sterchi Hills

July 3, 2018

The team from Second Baptist and Sterchi Hills arrived yesterday we got to hang out in June 22 for a little while! Heading back out today to take family photos and do VBS! Ready for a great week with this team.


Awesome day in June 22 yesterday! We did family photos and printed for the families, it was really a sweet time for them and for our team to get to be part of it. We had field day with different stations of games and activities. Then to the Dream Center to hear the vision and start painting!


Yesterday was a packed full day! Church in San Pedro at City Hope, lunch, then to the park for outreach, back to the Dream Center for more painting and then to relax a little at a local coffee shop. We are off to the banana plantation today and to Campo Llano for VBS.


Picture overload!!! Sorry there are so many but there has been so much going on the past 2 days with this group that we just can’t help ourselves! We have been busy with VBS in Campo Llano, Soccer Ministry at the Dream Center and La Mesa last night at the Dream Center. Hope you enjoy the photos and can get a glimpse of the last 2 days! Headed out to day for our last day in the communities.


We got these guys home safely yesterday after a great week of serving with us here! What an awesome team from Second Baptist Church and The Church at Sterchi Hills! Thank you all, now GO-LOVE-SERVE the next 51 (or 53) weeks until you come serve with us next year!!

Walls Are Up At The Dream Center!

May 29, 2018
Great group of men arrived today to do construction on the Dream Center! We are so excited for what this week will hold and for all the lives that are going to be impacted from their efforts this week! 5.26.18   After church and lunch yesterday we got in a little more work at the Dream Center. They worked as much as they could with not having much light. We finally got some rain last night and we are so thankful because it was much needed and it will make it a little cooler today as the team goes back to work in the building! 5.28.18   WE HAVE ROOMS!!! ROOMS WITH WALLS!! We are so excited about the stories, the conversations, the love that is going to be shared in these rooms, we are praising God this morning that we get to serve here and do ministry in this city with all of these beautiful people! Thankful for this group of men that are sweating for Jesus this week!!! 5.29.18

Hello from El Progresso! 003

April 30, 2018
A few pictures and recap of last weeks events. Soccer Ministry, La Mesa, Bible Club in June 22, and Super Sabadazo. Our construction work at Dream Center continues, more to come on that soon!

Soccer Ministry


La Mesa


Bible Study at June22


Super Sabadazo

Hello from El Progresso! 002

April 22, 2018
A few pictures from this weeks soccer ministry (we had 16 boys to attend!) and our first ever Family Movie night in Campo Llano for our Hope Leaders Program kids and their families. Keep praying for both of these ministries as they are growing!  

Soccer Ministry


Family Movie Night at Campo Llano!

Hello from El Progresso! 001

April 13, 2018
This past week has been jammed pack busy and we cant begin to explain how excited we are for all that God is doing here and allowing us to be part of. It seems we are all pretty exhausted every night but we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. This week was La Mesa, our new sports ministry downtown at the Dream Center, Bible Club in June 22, the whole time with construction on the Dream Center and oh yeah we had our medical brigade follow up (but we were so busy we didn’t get pictures of it!) So much is happening and so much more to come, you gotta come visit to see for yourself!!

Grace Student Ministry

March 21, 2017
Great first day with the team from Grace Student Ministry! We are praying for and expecting great things this week as we get to serve in both of our communities and downtown at the Dream Center!

Full day today with church at City Hope in San Pedro and then hanging out in the park this evening. Yesterday was all day in June 22 community, with VBS, games and celebrating Glendy’s 18th birthday with cookies for everyone!

Awesome day yesterday touring the banana plantation and learning about the work that families in our communities do everyday, then hanging out in Campo Llano! We had an amazing day in our Hope Leaders Program, where many of our team members joined in with class, we had a precious time during our music class learning about “The Potter” many tears were shed listening to these kids and watching as they were learning how much they are loved by “The Potter” and how that we are all broken vessels and that only Jesus can restore us.

What a Night!! La Mesa was absolutely beautiful! We had a full house and had to turn people away ( that part isn’t fun). They were so attentive to everything that was being said and Pastor Joel Dew did a great job telling them about how much that God knows and loves them. We had a young man to receive Christ and what a blessing it was to be able to tell him that we would be next door and if he has questions or needs someone to talk to about things that he could find us or someone from our team next door at the Dream Center throughout the week! Guys this is such a blessing and answer to prayer for us! We are just so amazed the way that God is working and that His plan is coming together! The spirit was so precious and no one wanted to leave. For the first time ever all of our friends just sat and hung out after the message, where normally they mostly get up and leave, but last night they just sat and talked with their table hosts and all of the rest of the team, this is exactly what we have been praying for!! Praising the lord still today for such an amazing night!

Prayers for this team from Grace Student Ministry today as they head back home to Knoxville and cooler weather! They served well and loved on many of our friends here in Honduras this past week. Thankful for their team and great leaders and their willingness to serve. #GoLoveServe


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Hope Leaders Program

March 21, 2017
We began a new year for our Hope Leaders Program this week! We are so excited for this new year and all the new activities and events we have planned for the program and getting to include our students parents in some of those plans too! We are thankful to have Claudia,Kelsey and Clare working together to get this year started and all the new plans in place. We have a full roster and many kids on the waiting list. Please be in prayer with us for this new year for our students and our staff.