Walls Are Up At The Dream Center!

Great group of men arrived today to do construction on the Dream Center! We are so excited for what this week will hold and for all the lives that are going to be impacted from their efforts this week! 5.26.18   After church and lunch yesterday we got in a little more work at the Dream Center. They worked as much as they could with not having much light. We finally got some rain last night and we are so thankful because it was much needed and it will make it a little cooler today as the team goes back to work in the building! 5.28.18   WE HAVE ROOMS!!! ROOMS WITH WALLS!! We are so excited about the stories, the conversations, the love that is going to be shared in these rooms, we are praising God this morning that we get to serve here and do ministry in this city with all of these beautiful people! Thankful for this group of men that are sweating for Jesus this week!!! 5.29.18

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