Grace Student Ministry

Great first day with the team from Grace Student Ministry! We are praying for and expecting great things this week as we get to serve in both of our communities and downtown at the Dream Center!

Full day today with church at City Hope in San Pedro and then hanging out in the park this evening. Yesterday was all day in June 22 community, with VBS, games and celebrating Glendy’s 18th birthday with cookies for everyone!

Awesome day yesterday touring the banana plantation and learning about the work that families in our communities do everyday, then hanging out in Campo Llano! We had an amazing day in our Hope Leaders Program, where many of our team members joined in with class, we had a precious time during our music class learning about “The Potter” many tears were shed listening to these kids and watching as they were learning how much they are loved by “The Potter” and how that we are all broken vessels and that only Jesus can restore us.

What a Night!! La Mesa was absolutely beautiful! We had a full house and had to turn people away ( that part isn’t fun). They were so attentive to everything that was being said and Pastor Joel Dew did a great job telling them about how much that God knows and loves them. We had a young man to receive Christ and what a blessing it was to be able to tell him that we would be next door and if he has questions or needs someone to talk to about things that he could find us or someone from our team next door at the Dream Center throughout the week! Guys this is such a blessing and answer to prayer for us! We are just so amazed the way that God is working and that His plan is coming together! The spirit was so precious and no one wanted to leave. For the first time ever all of our friends just sat and hung out after the message, where normally they mostly get up and leave, but last night they just sat and talked with their table hosts and all of the rest of the team, this is exactly what we have been praying for!! Praising the lord still today for such an amazing night!

Prayers for this team from Grace Student Ministry today as they head back home to Knoxville and cooler weather! They served well and loved on many of our friends here in Honduras this past week. Thankful for their team and great leaders and their willingness to serve. #GoLoveServe


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