All Children
Have A Right
To An Education.


Even the Smallest of
Donations Can Help
Change a Life

We Need Your Help!

Get Involved to Help Others

With your donations, we will be able to provide meals to families that would otherwise go hungry, ensure that the children of El Progresso have the opportunity to gain an education, bring resources to individuals so that they may have a chance to escape a life of suffering, and so much more!


Join Us On This Journey

Let’s Work Together!

Give a little & change a lot.


We Can Change The World


Sponsor a child in one of the two communities we serve and help build them a better future.


Be a part of this incredible journey by seeing these communities first hand and working alongside our team to bring hope to the communities of June22 and Campo Llano.

Newest Project

We have been making HUGE progress at the El Progresso Dream Center and we are so excited to be joining an international network of dreamers, leaders, and believers!


Life in Our Ministry

Serve In El Progresso

Join our team, as we serve three communities of Honduras! Stay in our home, eat with us, and connect with the incredible citizens that need your support.